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ok nak try buat entry dalam bahasa omputeh ni. jangan ketawa! moving on to my next trip, my second trip for this year actually. me and my friend went to Hong Kong last March. we have already bought flight ticket a year earlier if I’m not mistaken. ok dah la. tak reti nk tulis dalam bahasa omputeh ni sangat. haha! tiket return sorang termasuk penginapan total rm400 saje. ok murah tak? murah gak la kan.




so I have no idea what we gonna do in HK. I start researching for the main attraction around HK. all my friend told me to go to Disneyland. but I think that’s is not my kind of place to visit.


we’re staying at Chunking Mansion. this place is famous among malaysian traveler because it is super cheap and you can easily find halal food here. got one restaurant named “SYED BISTRO” which originated from malaysia and they served malaysian food.





once arrived, we bought octopus card, its just like touch and go card in malaysia. it can be used in MTR,Buses, also convenience store. from the airport, the cheapest way to get to chungking mansion, take bus for only 30 HDK or less if im not mistaken. take the A21 bus and if you wanna go to Tsim Sha Tsui, stop at the 14th bus stop.


A21 route to TST


So, our first destination after get some rest , we’re heading to Avenue of Stars. from chungking mansion, it only takes around 10 minutes walking distance. the main attraction here is the scenery of hong kong island, hk famous stars signature (like in hollywood) and every night at 8, they have laser show. check out the pics.







after that, we went to Ladies Market. this place is most likely same as Petaling Street if in Malaysia. full of imitated branded item. not to mention, very cheap also. if you want to bargain here, make sure you betul betul wanna buy that thing and don’t forget to bargain to the lowest price.








the next day, we went to the Ocean Park. after breakfast, we took the star ferry to HK island. exit at exit B then take no.70 bus. haha! woi korang faham kan aku tulis kelaut ni. ok sambung.



the famous star ferry



ocean park entrance



to go to the main attraction of this park, you will have to take the cable car and go to the other side of the park.



cable car above us! haha


jyeah! the hair riser roller coaster!








after that, we went to the peak. sadly, there heavy fog that night at the peak. and we’re hardly able to see anything from the peak.




third day of our trip, we went to islamic centre also known as Masjid Ammar to have some halal dimsum. ho liao! sedap! lazat! haha. lama tak dapat makan daging semenjak sampai HK. how to get there? easy. just take ferry then take tram stop at 47E Tonnochy Road



in front of masjid ammar. and the restaurant located on the 5th floor.






last destination, after makan macam jin, DISNEYLANDDD!!! haha! the train to go to this resort is very beautiful



disney themed coach



in front of the resort






okay that’s all. jom balik malaysia. okbye!


.:dyla lokman:. said...

great effort tho! your english was okay ;)

instead of "we're staying", use "we stayed at chunking" etc.
also "got one restaurant named", use "there was a restaurant named..."

hihi some suggestions. keep it up bro! actually kalau nak check ayat kita betul ke salah, try google ayat yang sama. structure sama, isi jelah berbeza mengikut apa yang kita nak cakap.

@taufiqhelios said...

hihi. masih banyak saya kena belajar. btw thanks sbb sudi baca ;)

Belang Tarung said...

bawak balik panda la 4 ekoq baru powwer

SarahFJ said...

Blogwalking here. Just curious, in general, area Chunking Mansion tuh ok ke? Ada reviewers cakap quite scary. Murah sangat kut 400 return. Hmmm..flight murah exchange rate pulak menggila.

@taufiqhelios said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
@taufiqhelios said...

hahaha tak sempat

@taufiqhelios said...

hahaha selamat je lah. takde ape pon


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