Did You Know?–The First Cultures

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today I will talk about the first culture ever in the world that around 10,000 – 3000 B.C




toward the beginning of the Old Stone Age, people had begun not to collect grains but to cultivate crops. sedentary communities began to domesticate and breed their animals in places such as Catal Hayek in Turkish Anatolia and Jericho in Palestine. Furthermore, these settlements display increased cultural development with their production of painted ceramics and ornaments. stable food sources resulted in the emergence of social classification within societies. the differentiation is seen with individuals buried with various ornaments.





Religion and Culture.


the concern early people had regarding their own mortality led to their creation of the concept of a higher power. evidence of their belief in an after life is seen in many artifacts,one of which is cave-paintings. within the paintings in the depiction of beings who are half man and half animal.these possibly represent shamen, who blessed the hunt by dressing in animal furs. early people also observed the stars for measurements and seasonal cycles.




Permenent Settlements




The oldest city in the world is Jericho in Palestine, (remains of a round tower of the town wall). by the 9th century B.C, the city had nearly 3000 inhabitants, surpassing most other settlements of that time.




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