Friday, May 6, 2011

Did You Know?–The Development of Humankind



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this is my 1st posting for this segment. today post is all about the development of humankind. starting from the beginning to ca. 10,000 B.C.





Africa, the “cradle of mankind” is considered to be the origin of the earliest hominoids. skeletal remains found at excavation sites have left a traceable path trough hominoid  history going back more than six million years. the Old Stone Age is marked by the Homo habilis (“skillful man”) first use of stone tools around 2.3 million years ago. Homo erectus began to migrate out of Africa ca.1.8 million years ago. These hominoids later evolved into today’s human, Homo sapiens.






Theory of Evolution

englishman charles darwin theorized in his “origin of man” of 1871 that man had ascended directly from apes trough a process of  progressive evolution. today it is generally accepted that humans and apes share common ancestors.



TH : do you believe in charles darwins’s theory? bahaha!!



#reference : national geographic : visual history of the world


Inche Vampire said...

sp percaya charles darwin memang bangang.. naibi adam ape? gila.

... said...

as salam,..
haha. kawe percaya..
dia gila. hahaha'
PERCAYA si darwin ni, gila mental

IzudeEANtheSEVEN said...

aku ade belajar dulu kat asasi the theory of evolution...! entah.kalau dari perspektif islam salah lah kan?

then,ade theory mcaman haiwan dan pokok boleh ada kat bumi nie..


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