at last, its over ^^ and i need a break!!

6:05 PM

hey! at last its least for this week.what a chaotic week i ever had in my life.for 3 nights i'm not having proper sleep.sleeping only atas lantai (tertido) sebab penat sangat.

mengimbas ape yang berlaku dalam minggu ni, aku tersenyum dan terasa nikmatnya bila betol-betol tumpu studi. for my first mid sem test of this week with Ms. Kauthar, not very easy but thanks to her because she able to force me to focus in her lecture ( kalau main-main kena marah ) so,test on the past Monday i dun need to study hard on her subject because she only want us to answer based on our understanding. thank God i managed to score 20/30. haha... not excellent enough i guess ^^ but its ok kot..
my second test pon macam tu jugaaa.
THANK GOD i managed to pass it both

so,tomorrow is jumaat. tonight i'll go out with my best friend FAHAMI and have fun a bit. only a bit coz got another 2 test next week.



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