V-day Celebration

4:42 PM

what is your perfect v-day celebration? if someone asking me that kind of question i'll definitely answer "no dinner reservation,no bouquet of flower..just me & my love one". simple isn't it?but, i'm not really celebrating v-day.sometime others will told me to buy a flower bouquet and a box of choc for my dearest one but for me its enough for both of us be together at that time,enjoying our time together by watching movies or cooking our favorite meal together. very simple..thats the way we like.no need to make a fuss bout it. for us, everyday is v-day. love is something we have to celebrate every day not only on the certain date.

since i'm in my secondary school,my seniors always told us that we are not suppose to celebrate v-day. maybe its true if we look from the history point of view. also from my religion point of view.but we can always interprate it and turn it into something good. for instance, a lover that have been married. they can take it as their special day to celebrate their love. or love between a mother and her child, maybe they can make this date as their special day to hang out together and do their stuff together.haha...talk about a lover that do bad thing on this date eg: Muslims , they are not allowed to have sex until thay're married,so we have to prevent this thing. LOL what am i saying (typing) ^^. ?? already run out of idea ^^. but for me,everyday is v-day a.k.a day to appreciate someone we love.


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