the journey ^^

7:12 PM last,it time for me to go home. miss my hometown a lot,miss my parents,my cats,my sis and also my bed. ^^. its already 3 month since i'm starting my new sem. long enough eh to miss everything at my hometown. now i'm waiting my train that will be departure at 2110 and now its just 1923.haha..very long time eh i think to wait like this here at KL Sentral. but its gonna be ok coz someone already accompnying me via sms..hehe..thanks to you-know-who.

i think the very first think that i'm gonna do when i reach home that i'll hug my parents..miss them so muchhh!! ^^. then straight to my bed and have a very long sleep.haha..maybe after that i'll ask my sis to treat me watching a movie.haha.. then after all that, i dont know what else to do. maybe just staying at home for the whole holiday.kinda boring huh..but i think the best part is being able to help my papa at his 'kebun kelapa sawit' and paddy field. miss the heat of the sun at the cemter of the paddy field.

ouh!! one thing, i'm also able to play with my lovely cats. before this i dont have opportunity to play with them coz its a brand new kitten.haha..

emm...what i'm gonna do a long the way to my hometown eh.maybe just listening to my iPod. and right now i'm charging it becxause its baterry low..if i'm not doing this i'll be the most miserable person in that couch coz its so boring in there ^^.. huh..its already 1936. 1hour and a half to go..haha..have to be patient..oh god.please speed up the time so i'll be able to reach my home fast!!


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